Bodies, Identities and Genders

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Let me take a moment here to talk about bodies. Or my body. Or the vessel in which I move about the world. Perhaps I am my body, or maybe I just live in it, but either way, we are inseparable.

There are times when I identify more or less strongly with the experience of existing in this body I was born into and the ways in which society wants bodies like mine to operate. There are days when I embrace my curves and the sway of my hips beneath a flowing skirt. There are days when I feel compact and tight, strong and springy and there is no room for any flowing skirt. There are days when I want to hide in a shroud, when I feel awkward and uncomfortable no matter what I am doing or where I am. Some days I want to be dashing and handsome and can’t stand the runaway curls that tumble into my face. Some days I feel graceful and feminine but still want to do things that are not traditionally associated with femininity.

Gender is so much more than clothing. Obviously. But what I have learned is that clothing can help me “perform” my identities so that I feel more comfortable and confident moving through the world. It’s more than a costume, too, though as a theatrically-inclined person I definitely identify with the analogy of characters and costumes. Being pretty genderfluid means that I will feel very different from day to day, week to week, month to month, and I never know how I can expect to feel on any given day. So clothing helps me pick out, try on and fit into different facets of my personal identity wardrobe. Kinda? I am still far from figuring it out, believe me.

Anyway, just wanted to rant about that a little. Unedited, unfiltered. Yeah.

I want to do a webcomic

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And I have wanted to for a while. I should just start doing it, eh? Just do it, and worry about the content as I go? Like, allow the ideas to invent themselves or the characters to reveal themselves as I get comfortable drawing in a certain style? Yeah. That sounds good. I will start. Soon. Yes. yeah. ys. s.

Remember when I used to do this regularly?

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Me neither.

this is life now

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I need to do something NOW

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Like go back to school, or go volunteer somewhere, or go work somewhere new…

but NOW.

I’m not usually this impatient, but I am full of desire to learn and do and be, dammit. I can’t just sit here. 

Travel. Music. Art. Writing. Nature. Words. Media. Radio. TV. Help.

I want to go to school but I also want to go help people and travel and and and and adnad aSFHDGKAILJJVM,…..,x c,, ,cn . ,,,/

Happy 2014

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in 13 minutes Eastern time.

Chicken Pizza Chichen Itza

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Whenever I think about, hear or read “chicken pizza“, I immediately think of “Chichen Itza“.

And whenever I think about, hear or read “Chichen Itza“, I immediately think of “chicken pizza“.

Also, Porcupines.

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Make these sounds:
Teddy Bear, the Talking Porcupine, LOVES Pumpkin


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Search “freedom” on Google images. Go on. I dare you.

the internet's vision of freedom

Apparently this “freedom” thing has something to do with posing before majestic natural landscapes. It involves silhouettes, sunsets, the raising of arms, the blowing of hair in the wind, and sometimes even leaping.

“Freedom” can be found in fields, on beaches, cliffs and other vistas featuring a prominent and mostly unobstructed sky.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 8.09.41 PM

Occasionally, non-human species have been observed in the presence of “freedom”. Namely eagles, horses and butterflies.

Grammarly’s #IDoIt Writing Meme

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#IDoIt for Writing, Female.

This is where I do it, #Grammarly .

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