Grammarly’s #IDoIt Writing Meme

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#IDoIt for Writing, Female.

This is where I do it, #Grammarly .


The World Is Full Of Mystery

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And I look forward to investigating it.

GrammoWriMo’s NaNoWriMo Title

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GrammoWriMo’s NaNoWriMo Title Contest

I’m contributing a wee bit (along with hundreds of others) to a community-sourced novel organized by Grammarly. I also thought I might as well enter the title contest.

Any writer can tell you that choosing the perfect title for any work is nearly impossible. So we’ll just have to see which suggested title attracts the most votes.

Vote, maybe?

GrammoWriMo’s NaNoWriMo Title Contest


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So I was drawing today, drawing all sorts of things. Sometimes I watched Netflix and drew. I drew some ungulates. Ungulates are animals such as deer and elk. I drew some bats. Flying fox-type bats, today. I drew a number of other things but somehow my dad became aware of my bats and elk and he said something like, “MASH IT UP, YO”, though probably in different words. So I doodled some very doodly basic mashups. Then I google-image-searched “elk”. The only sub-types of elk I know of are the fictional red elk from Princess Mononoke and the extinct megaloceros known as the Irish Elk. Not looking for anything cartoonish, I opted to look up the latter. The point that I am getting to is that the distinctive antlers of the Irish elk kind of resemble stylized bat wings in some of the pictures I saw. Upside down and far less flight-worthy, yes, but the basic shape–the essence of the form–was there! So my mashup will be based on overlapping similarities that already exist in nature.

Amazing how we see connections when we want to, eh?

A Use For the Heaps of Stand-Alone One-Line Ideas

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if I compile all my one-shot or visual-joke ideas and make a damn WEBCOMIC, that would be cool and good, wouldn’t it?

Goals and Things

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This entry is largely personal. An expression of a bunch of shit I need to get written down and out of my head so that it stays organized and in one place before I lose my focus and spiral out of control again. It’s cool, I got this.

I need to go back to school. Since I am so far behind (by my estimation) time-wise, I would like to find a program that:
a) Can turn my existing credits into certification/piece of paper
b) Can give me a broad range of experience to make up for the several courses I could have taken in the meantime
c) Will earn me a diploma+degree or other multiple certification in less time

Is there a program at a school somewhere (Canada or heck, anywhere) in which I can get educated in a wide variety of the media arts? Do I have to specialize? Should I take several smaller, more specific programs (certificates/diplomas) that will combine to give me the experience I want? Or should I pick something very specific, very niche and master that? Work on that for a while and then diversify as it relates to other things? Should I bother researching these things more or just dive into something? I know I’ve been debating all this stuff for 2 years now, but I really, truly do feel as if I’ve made some sense of everything. Not to say that I wish to delay further. I am simply expressing my belief that these last 2 years have not been a waste of time at all, and though I haven’t yet chosen something, I have chosen some things for short periods of times that have proven useful and valuable in different ways.

I would like to be able to:
-publish books/magazines
-do clever things with words
-write/illustrate said print media
-write for movies & tv
-do art stuff (set, props, effects) for tv & movies
-act in movies & tv
-be the face/voice of media
-do freelance voicework
-work at a (college) radio station and host a show while being involved with the many other facets of the music industry
-learn, play, compose, perform and record music
-express my feelings about others’ music and network, do business etc with sound
-have an art studio in which I have space and resources to make things and undertake the crazy ideas and projects I often think of, write down and forget.
-design worlds
-learn some aspect of game design. art, world, character, story etc
-make music for games
-learn basic computer programming, maybe (for games and web)
-digital things like graphics, image manipulation
-master portable skills that are applicable in many lines of work
-be in nature
-be with animals
-work with people
-help people
-fight for change
-travel and gain perspective
-get confidence
-feel excitement
-have friends and be close with them
-be myself

Within each of these trajectories are several sub-trajectories. I could take the time to organize and turn these into lists and sub-lists and sub-sub-lists, but that would just be prolonging my eternal research/hesitation stage. The real-life embodiment of opening 34 tabs to read later. Eventually they start to slow down the computer. Analogies.

If I had a space in which to do these things, then I would have things to be blogging about, instead of blogging about wishing to be blogging and doing things. ENOUGH. Well, I have still done a lot of things. Am I too hard on myself? Should I feel discouraged and disappointed in myself for not having lived up to childhood standards for success? I will die an idealist, but I guess my future projections for myself 10 years ago were a tad over-optimistic. Who could have foreseen the stumbling blocks and detours, changes of course and breakdowns? A psychic, that’s who. … I don’t…

I am an introvert and possibly a loner. I am okay with the former but not so much with the latter. I see sadder, older people alone-ing all over the place and I do not wish to be like that. I am aware of the offers of friendship that I spurn, but it is out of a bizarre interest in self-reflection. Perpetual self-reflection for the purposes of productivity, progress and discovery. I turn them away so that I can focus on focusing myself. This doesn’t make sense and I do not like it. I need to live in a place full of people so that I cannot avoid social interaction. I mean, I do just fine with it when I am in the thick of it. It’s just getting to the thick of it that is so unappealing. I am simply not interested in certain social dynamics.

This is getting tangenty. Sign off.

Fun New Words I’m Going To Remember

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To ensure remembrance of some words I’ve come across, I’ve started writing down and collecting their definitions. Sometimes it’s words that aren’t terribly uncommon but whose meanings I often forget or assume, and sometimes it’s an entirely new word to me, or something I’ve heard of but never understood. Today marks the first entry in the Fun New Words series.

vitriol |ˈvitrēəl; -ˌôl|
noun archaic or poetic/literary
sulfuric acid.
• figurative: cruel and bitter criticism : her mother’s sudden gush of fury and vitriol.

You know what this really reminds me of?

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You know what this really reminds me of?

I can’t un-see it now. It’s a (sort of) modern version of…

Pie at 4:30 am

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It’s part of what comes with becoming a grown-up. It’s a liberty, a privilege, a rite of passage. And tonight, it’s key lime.
Sometimes I come home from work exhausted, usually on the days I’ve been working with kids. Yesterday, it was a 31-degree summer day I spent working with kids and biking 19 km between home, kids’ day camp, office and home again. Needless to say, the day’s events had taken a toll on my energy level.
Upon my return I fixed a plate of sustenance and sat down for some Dr. Who. One episode in, I found myself craving a more recumbent position. I didn’t get very far into the second episode before I was out cold.
So this is how I’ve fallen into my bizarre semi-nocturnal pattern of waking between 4 and 5 am and falling asleep closer to the 6-8 pm range.
For the record, this is by no means a complaint. It’s what I’m doing all week.

Penetrating the Scene

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I may as well be looking in on this city through a piece of glass. Or working in a skyscraper overlooking everything. Or some other metaphor for being conscious of a thing but disconnected from it.

  Winnipeg is great. There is no doubt in my mind about that. My coworkers and housemates have told me about the wondrous inner workings of this town, and through chance encounters in cafés I have learned that everybody knows somebody who knows you. It’s been called a “big small town” or was it “a small big city”? The point is, the aspect of community here is strong.

  So why then do I still find it so hard to get in on things? The bikejams, the music shows, the ethical foodsters and their pick-your-own farm day trips? I hear tell of markets, artspaces, funky neighbourhoods but when I seek them out I’m always just a block away, or on the wrong side of the building, or there on the wrong day. It’s possible that I’m not putting in enough of an effort, yes. But maybe…

  There is a secret behind the stories of radical collectives and culture-rich communities in Winnipeg. A massive conspiracy stretching back through time to the days of Riel and the heyday of the Forks trading post. Maybe these things I keep hearing about are a façade, just like the façades of historic buildings that line Portage & Main. Maybe it’s all a front. Rumours to draw in the crowds. Things so underground that even the hip kids haven’t been there. They can talk big about these places because no one else had been there either. “You probably haven’t heard of …”  they will say. These are far out of the mainstream. Yeah, I hear your big talk, kid, but have you ever actually been to the industrial sector secret abandoned loft rave pillowfight unicycle club organic performance garden theatre? Has anyone? Are all of the super-cool underground scenes in every major city just a bluff? A façade? A lie?

  Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Yeah, it’s probably that.

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