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Search “freedom” on Google images. Go on. I dare you.

the internet's vision of freedom

Apparently this “freedom” thing has something to do with posing before majestic natural landscapes. It involves silhouettes, sunsets, the raising of arms, the blowing of hair in the wind, and sometimes even leaping.

“Freedom” can be found in fields, on beaches, cliffs and other vistas featuring a prominent and mostly unobstructed sky.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 8.09.41 PM

Occasionally, non-human species have been observed in the presence of “freedom”. Namely eagles, horses and butterflies.


Edwardian GatorBabe

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Edwardian GatorBabe

This is an old-timey sepia photograph of an old-timey toddler in old-timey clothes with an old-timey alligator. In modern times, I still see lots of awkward family photos, a large portion of which include uncomfortable-looking or strangely posed children. But there is a different flavour of bizarre found only in the quaint prints of yesteryear…

We can be fairly certain that the lil’ reptiles are stuffed and harmless, and we find ourselves reassures of our safety with the words, “He won’t bite you, Auntie”.

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