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Penetrating the Scene

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I may as well be looking in on this city through a piece of glass. Or working in a skyscraper overlooking everything. Or some other metaphor for being conscious of a thing but disconnected from it.

  Winnipeg is great. There is no doubt in my mind about that. My coworkers and housemates have told me about the wondrous inner workings of this town, and through chance encounters in cafés I have learned that everybody knows somebody who knows you. It’s been called a “big small town” or was it “a small big city”? The point is, the aspect of community here is strong.

  So why then do I still find it so hard to get in on things? The bikejams, the music shows, the ethical foodsters and their pick-your-own farm day trips? I hear tell of markets, artspaces, funky neighbourhoods but when I seek them out I’m always just a block away, or on the wrong side of the building, or there on the wrong day. It’s possible that I’m not putting in enough of an effort, yes. But maybe…

  There is a secret behind the stories of radical collectives and culture-rich communities in Winnipeg. A massive conspiracy stretching back through time to the days of Riel and the heyday of the Forks trading post. Maybe these things I keep hearing about are a façade, just like the façades of historic buildings that line Portage & Main. Maybe it’s all a front. Rumours to draw in the crowds. Things so underground that even the hip kids haven’t been there. They can talk big about these places because no one else had been there either. “You probably haven’t heard of …”  they will say. These are far out of the mainstream. Yeah, I hear your big talk, kid, but have you ever actually been to the industrial sector secret abandoned loft rave pillowfight unicycle club organic performance garden theatre? Has anyone? Are all of the super-cool underground scenes in every major city just a bluff? A façade? A lie?

  Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Yeah, it’s probably that.

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