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Grammarly’s #IDoIt Writing Meme

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#IDoIt for Writing, Female.

This is where I do it, #Grammarly .


GrammoWriMo’s NaNoWriMo Title

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GrammoWriMo’s NaNoWriMo Title Contest

I’m contributing a wee bit (along with hundreds of others) to a community-sourced novel organized by Grammarly. I also thought I might as well enter the title contest.

Any writer can tell you that choosing the perfect title for any work is nearly impossible. So we’ll just have to see which suggested title attracts the most votes.

Vote, maybe?

GrammoWriMo’s NaNoWriMo Title Contest

Still Here, Still Blog-Positive

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I had no intention of creating this blog to write regularly for a week and then forget about it. The whole point of this exercise was to give myself a reason to write, a responsibility–a promise to myself. Even if it’s uninteresting or about nothing in particular, every post in this blog exists to exercise my writings and prove to myself that, damn it, I can write if I want to and damn it, I will.

To make up for the several days free of posts, I will post a torrent of posts during this, my 10-hour train ride to Québec City from Toronto.

If I Wrote Down Everything That I Thought About Writing Down

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Then I don’t think I would have time to stop writing.

It’s so much faster to play out a conversation in one’s head concerning a topic upon which an individual has been ruminating. Easier than putting pen to paper, or typing. The thought process moves so quickly that conclusions are reached and new questions brought up before the key points and revelations become solidified or recorded. This is a stream of consciousness. I propose this addendum to the Stream Of Consciousness: the intangibility and fluid, fast-moving nature of thoughts. Maybe that has been the conventional meaning all along and I just never quite put it in a sentence. 

I’m sure someday there’ll be brain-recording devices that can capture our thought processes for faster and more thorough records. This would come quite in handy for dream recollection. It would also lead to more tangents having the chance to be explored more in depth. Do you see the potential problems that might arise? With so much content, such a vast volume of raw ideas, one might find it difficult to filter through every single thought to the elements meant to be retained. Similar to the problem one faces when one wishes to do multiple things at once: they cannot all be done, thus neither can the mind-essays be written.

So instead of choosing between the great ideas I’d accumulated for today, I wrote this.


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I’ve been putting off posting something–anything–on this blog for a while. At first it wasn’t avoidance but procrastination, aided by the alluring idea of customizing every other aspect of the blog and my profile. It’s easy to get caught in the set-up and before you know it, the thrill is gone. The thrill of the actual thing one was working toward is gone.

The other thing that’s been preventing me (and who knows how many other prospective bloggers, writers, artists etc.) from starting this blog is the fact that I feel I have nothing to say.

But everyone has something to say.

I had lots of ideas when I finally got around to signing up, but…

Posted in Opinion, Writing on October 25, 2012 by Human Being

…I lacked the focus and motivation to get going and just write, already! I mean, that’s the whole point of a blog: to write! Right?

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