So I was drawing today, drawing all sorts of things. Sometimes I watched Netflix and drew. I drew some ungulates. Ungulates are animals such as deer and elk. I drew some bats. Flying fox-type bats, today. I drew a number of other things but somehow my dad became aware of my bats and elk and he said something like, “MASH IT UP, YO”, though probably in different words. So I doodled some very doodly basic mashups. Then I google-image-searched “elk”. The only sub-types of elk I know of are the fictional red elk from Princess Mononoke and the extinct megaloceros known as the Irish Elk. Not looking for anything cartoonish, I opted to look up the latter. The point that I am getting to is that the distinctive antlers of the Irish elk kind of resemble stylized bat wings in some of the pictures I saw. Upside down and far less flight-worthy, yes, but the basic shape–the essence of the form–was there! So my mashup will be based on overlapping similarities that already exist in nature.

Amazing how we see connections when we want to, eh?


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