An Old, Old Mysterious Book in Cipher (Code)

The Voynich Manuscript is a bizarre 15-16th Century work of hand-written script in a language previously unknown to historians. The text is largely centered around botany and features illustrations of hundreds of plants, some of which are unrecognizable. The text is allegedly written in cipher, or code, though no translation or interpretation has been successfully completed.

Common themes/motifs in the illustrations include: plants, root systems, simple nude female figures, series of tubes (almost comparable to Super Mario pipes) and wheel-like charts.

No accurate description can be given by me, because not only am I a mere mortal and by no means an expert, but it’s difficult to say exactly what one is looking at when perusing the ancient vellum.

Trust me: just look at it.

What exactly are we looking at here?

A 6-page fold-out detail of the Voynich Manuscript.

P.S. There is a related document on the Yale website that  contains two letters on the subject of the Voynich Manuscript. One letter is hand-written in english, from Ethel Lillian Voynich, and the other is typewritten in italian from one Marc[o] Tornetta. The site claims there is content regarding the decipherment of the text in the letters, but it is vague and/or not there. I took the liberty of transcribing the italian letter so that I could have Google translate it for me. The translation is sketchy at best, but the transcription is complete should anyone wish to view/copy/translate the text.


2 Responses to “An Old, Old Mysterious Book in Cipher (Code)”

  1. It is an incredible document thanks for sharing the link! : )

  2. Human Being Says:

    YEAH it’s absoloutely fascinating! I’m writing out bits of the “code” in my notebook and it is a beautiful script. Makes me wonder what other stuff like this is out there…

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